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Bathroom Renovators Perth – Our 5 Step Process

Bathroom Renovators Perth: Jewelbic

We at Jewelbic Renovations pride ourselves on the ability to be your one-stop supplier from the design process, through to demolition then installation and finally, completion of your renovation. We are kitchen, laundry and bathroom renovators Perth locals can rely upon for exceptional quality and stress-free outcomes.

The most common complaint in DIY renovations is that customers struggle with managing their usual busy lives. There is also the coordination of all the trades required to complete a renovation and the added stress of ensuring that these trades run to schedule. Furthermore, you need to ensure the costs of each trade adhere to your original budget. There are also so many other issues that are not considered, such as:

  • Are these trades licensed?
  • Are they reputable?
  • Do they have the financial backing to complete the job?

We can help you

By enlisting us, we take all of these issues away allowing our customers to sit back and enjoy the “renovation ride”. We are the best laundry, kitchen and bathroom renovators Perth has to offer and we promise a smooth process in which you can watch your home transform into a beautiful masterpiece.

Bathroom Renovators Perth – Our 5 Step Process

Below is an example of our 5 step process to completing your Bathroom Renovation with Jewelbic.

Bathroom Renovators Perth: Our 5 Step Process - Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas

1. Research and design

The most important step to ensure a successful bathroom renovation is to get the design right for your budget, timeline and lifestyle. This includes doing a lot of research to help with choosing of your tiles, colours, cabinetry, windows and fixtures. This ensures your bathroom is aesthetically pleasing and also ensures the correct placement of your lighting and electrical outlets so that the space is functional.

We also offer our in-house interior designer for a small fee to help with these choices if you are unsure and require another opinion. We find sites such as Pinterest and Houzz are a great source of inspiration.

Jewelbic are expert bathroom renovators Perth house owners turn to for quality.

2. Planning

As a service standard, our detailed project plans ensure there is no room for error or miscommunication between:

  • You – the customer
  • Us, at Jewelbic
  • All trades including your builder, carpenter, cabinetmaker, electrician, plumber, water proofer and tiler.

Our detailed plans contain upfront costs and timeline schedules. That way, you’re fully informed before we proceed and during the renovation process.

We are bathroom renovators Perth householders can rely on for accountability and robust planning.

3. Pre Construction

Photography: Ensure you take lots of ‘before’ photos of your bathroom. This ensures you can look back and see how amazing your makeover really is.

Order, organise and plan: With the detailed plan in mind, we are then able to pre-order your stock to ensure that all appliances and fixtures are ready for installation when required. We also then prepare and organise our trades for when we need them onsite. This ensures there are no wasted days and a high level of efficiency is achieved.

4. Construction

Demolition: This means that everything in your bathroom from sink, tiles to cabinetry will be taken out leaving your space as a blank canvas. This is the messiest of all the processes however we attempt to minimise mess by taping up zones in your home to stop the transferring of dust and noise. Depending on the zone and design of your renovation, this process will vary.

Building and carpentry: After demolition, our builder (if needed) and carpenter will come in to change or complete any structural upgrades. General carpentry work may also be carried out, where required. Examples of this include:

  • Changing of load bearing walls
  • Modifications to ceilings or doors by the builder
  • In-wall shelving or plinths by the carpenter

We are bathroom renovators Perth trades love to collaborate with. We also perform bathroom, laundry and kitchen extensions.

Plumbing: The plumber will then come in to move and prepare all pipework and drainage. The plumber’s work is based on the detailed plan and provision of any new services required as part of your renovation.

Electrician: Our electrician then steps in to complete the wiring for your lighting scheme, heat lamps and outlets.

Waterproofing and tiling: Our tiler prepares all walls and floors, readying them for the waterproofing process. Once the screed, render and waterproofing have had sufficient drying time (depending on weather conditions), the tiler will then start laying the tiles. Once this stage is complete the tiles are then grouted and silicone sealed where required.

Cabinetry: Cabinetry is installed either prior to tiling or after tiling depending on the application and customer’s preference.

We are experienced in renovations, extensions and also rough in plumbing for new homes.

5. Project Completion

Final fit-out / fit-off: Both the plumber and electrician will do their final fit-outs of fixtures such as taps, shower heads, lights and outlets.

Accessories: Shower screens and mirrors are measured for manufacturing once tiling is completed. There is an approximate 1 week wait for manufacturing before they are installed.

Any extra accessories are also installed at this point, such as:

  • Mirrors
  • Shower screens
  • Towel racks
  • Toilet roll holders
  • Hanging plants

Clean site and Director inspection: We pride ourselves on leaving your renovation site neat and tidy after completion. Our Director completes his site inspection as the final step of the overall renovation process. Chad will test, assess and provide the final tick of approval before you use your new bathroom.

We are the most thorough bathroom renovators Perth has to offer. Jewelbic Renovations promise a stress-free experience and accountability thanks to our strict quality assurance methods.

Sit back in your new bathroom and ENJOY!

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