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Do most plumbers work on gas lines for water heater tanks?

Gas Fitter Perth: Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas

The answer is, yes! The thing is though, only a licensed plumber can assist you. Given the dangers, gas fitters authorised to work on residential premises must hold a Class G licence. Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas own a Class G licence and are a top notch gas fitter Perth locals can rely on.

What is Gas Fitting?

Any form of work on a connection to a gas installation. This includes pipes and any other connection to a gas cylinder or natural gas supply.

Jewelbic are a quality gas plumber Perth homeowners and business owners can call upon for a quick turnaround. We can assist with appliances including:

  • Gas hot water systems
  • Gas cooktops
  • Gas heaters

Gas Fitter Perth

We are a gas plumber Perth residents and businesses turn to for a quick connection to the natural gas network.  Whether it’s a new home or a commercial fitout, you’ll be cooking with gas in no time thanks to Chad and the team at Jewelbic.

Our gas fitters can repair your slow gas leaks and work on your water heater gas mains.

Do not try this at home

Or anywhere for that matter. Performing your own gas fitting work is not only dangerous, it can impact your insurance. A person caught doing plumbing work without a licence can be fined. Furthermore, insurance companies might be reluctant to pay out in the event of making a claim if your plumbing and gas work is not carried out by a licenced plumbing and gas fitter.

Don’t risk it, put your home in the hands of a professional gas fitter Perth residents can wholeheartedly trust.

Can I do my own gas fitting?

No. A simple connection that involves attaching an outlet directly to a gas cylinder is the only time you can touch gas. Such as connecting a gas bottle to your barbecue, outdoor stand-up heater, a camping lamp etc.

Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas: Gas Fitter Perth

Contact Jewelbic: Gas Fitter Perth

For a safety conscious and high quality gas fitter Perth folks can rely on, look no further than Chad and the expert team at Jewelbic. Contact us via the contact form, or call now on 9244 1446.