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Where can I get the best CCTV drain camera inspections in Perth?

Is there a drain blocked in your home? If so, you’re probably going to need some professional assistance. For CCTV pipe inspection in Perth, contact the expert team at Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas on 9244 1446.

How does a drain get blocked?

There are many causes for a blocked drain that requires a CCTV pipe inspection:

How does a drain get blocked? - Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas CCTV Pipe Inspection

  1. Misaligned pipes: A professional plumbing and gas professional will always ensure the correct type of pipes are used for underground drainage. Furthermore, you can rest assured a professional plumber like Chad at Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas will adhere to correct installation principles. Incorrect pipes or incorrect installation are the most common cause of pipe misalignment and breakage. CCTV pipe inspection will detect any misalignment and allow Jewelbic to plan your repairs.
  2. Backfall: When drain pipes are installed, a minimum “fall” is required to achieve the correct flow of water. This is usually 20 millimetres of fall for a pipe length of 1000 millimetres. If the fall is non-existent or less than 20mm for a meter of pipe, water will not flow fast enough or cause items flushed into the drain or sewer to become stuck.
  3. Collapsed pipes: A collapsed pipe can occur in an old pipe or can be caused by heavy machinery such as a mini-bobcat. A collapsed pipe is more likely to occur in grassy areas where earth is more likely to move.
  4. Tree Roots: Pipe misalignment, incorrect pipes, collapsed pipes, incorrectly installed pipes and broken pipes can also attract tree roots. Trees are amazing at finding the nearest available water source. If your pipes are leaking water due to pipe misalignment, breakage, collapse or incorrect installation, it’s safe to predict that tree roots have started to grow in your drain or sewer. A CCTV pipe inspection will be quick to identify if tree roots are the cause of your blockage issues.
  5. Foreign objects: As mentioned in our post about Fatberg, you must be careful with what you put in a drain. Items such as oil, fat, grease, food scraps, “flushable” wipes, hygiene products, nappies and cotton buds absolutely must be disposed of in the trash. If it’s not pee, poo or paper, then chuck it in the bin!
  6. Soil: If the soil in your property is to shift, this can upset the gravity and subsequent flow of water from point A to point B. Maybe your soil hasn’t moved and the pipes were installed without a proper slope. Jewelbic can assist with a CCTV pipe inspection and then ensure your pipes are correctly installed.

What is a CCTV drain camera?

It’s a video camera that sits at the end of a very flexible yet strong cable. The technology used by Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas possesses high definition TV functionality, for a crystal clear picture of what’s going on inside your blocked pipe as well as new Ridgid camera technology “TruSense” which accurately records the drain gradient. An LED torch also illuminates the dark and usually subterranean interior of your plumbing. CCTV pipe inspection allows Jewelbic’s expert team to diagnose and accurately locate your blockage issues in real time. Give us a call on 9244 1446 for CCTV Camera Drain Inspection.

What is a CCTV locator kit?

A CCTV locator kit is used above the ground to sense and locate the camera head below the ground. Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas use a Navi Locator to accurately locate the underground drain issue along with the depth of cover.

How do you unblock a drain? The first step is CCTV pipe inspection

  • CCTV Camera Drain Inspection helps us figure out what’s causing the blockage and we get all the facts before we proceed with resolving your issue. We can even locate the damaged/blocked section using our Navi Locator tool which picks up the camera head and pin points where the issue is along with the depth of cover we need to excavate.
  • For misalignment or breakages, we determine where the misalignment/break is in the pipe. We then reline and cure the pipe to make it stronger than its initial state. We then replace the damaged/misaligned section of drain.
  • For pipe backfall issues, this will require excavation and the pipe in question will have to be reinstalled with the correct amount of “fall” (20mm in 1000mm of pipe).
  • With collapses, we locate the issue then remove pavers or grass in order to access the piece of collapsed pipe. We can reline and cure in the same fashion as a misaligned or broken pipe, or simply replace the affected area of pipe.
  • In the case of tree roots, we use a combination of high pressure jetting and a drain snake to destroy the roots and reduce the roots to tiny pieces that can be flushed through the drain. We then double check all is clear with a quick CCTV pipe inspection. After this, we repair the pipe where the roots have broken through to get to the water.
  • For foreign objects, we use the same approach as rectifying a tree root blockage. Having said that, if we think the issue is small, we might use a plunger first before resorting to high pressure jetting or a drain snake.
  • When it comes to soil settlement or pipe slope issues we calculate the correct slope for the pipes and then reinstall the pipes according to best practices.

Who is Perth’s Drain King?

Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas have boasted a few of Perth’s Drain Kings over time. Not a single drain has defeated Dylan and this is a credit to his sound knowledge of our problem solving plumbing equipment. Dylan is the Drain King and a master at CCTV pipe inspection:


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More recently though, we’ve discovered and unleashed a new Drain King. Here he is, Maxxy from Jewelbic, the man himself:

Where can I get the best CCTV drain camera inspections in Perth?

Only a fully licensed plumber can assist you with CCTV Camera Drain Inspection. Not only will we fix your drain, we will save you time and effort by resolving the root cause of your blockage issues. We get the job done correctly, the first time round, so that you’re not wasting any further time and effort calling a plumber about the same drain blockage issue.

Other items we can carry out with the CCTV drain camera/locator system:

  • Extensive drain reports for domestic and commercial clientele, to determine correct installation or any on going issues.
  • Create as-constructed drain drawings for any previously installed stormwater or sewer drainage systems.
  • Inspect and report on any stormwater installations to confirm sufficient on-site stormwater storage, in relation to the local authority standards.

We are happy to provide recommendations or a quote on any solutions you may need.

If you’ve gotten this far reading this comprehensive blog post, call Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas urgently on 9244 1446. We’re here to help you with your CCTV pipe inspection and drain unblocking needs.