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Where can I get a professional and affordable solution for laundry room renovation?

Laundry Room Renovation: Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas

Is your laundry looking old? Taps leaking? Tiles broken? Or maybe the decor looks like a relic from the 80s? Maybe you’re just looking to add some value to your home. Whatever your predicament, Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas can help you renovate. Instead of moving to a new home, use the money you’d spend for stamp duty and real estate agent commissions on a laundry room renovation performed by our team of experts.

Top notch laundry renovations Perth homeowners can be proud to show off to family and friends.

Laundry Room Renovation Services

We will help you with your laundry room renovation. From the planning and design, through to the installation of all plumbing fixtures. Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas will make sure your renovation is carried out correctly, the first time. Ultimately, we want your renovation experience to be positive and we hope you’ll consider our renovation services for your kitchen our bathroom too.

Planning your Laundry Room Renovation

There is a lot to think about before you commence your laundry room renovation:

6 Tips for Laundry Room Renovation

  • Have you thought about outdoor access and how close your washing line is to your laundry?
  • If you’re planning to include a clothes dryer in your newly renovated laundry, have you thought about ventilation? What about a recess for both your washing machine and your dryer?
  • Is space a restriction? Have you thought about stacking your dryer on top of your washing machine, or better still, mounting it to the wall?
  • Have you taken some time to think about cabinetry and overall storage solutions in your laundry room renovation?
    • What about safety and keeping harmful chemicals out of the reach of children?
    • Maybe you want to store your washing machine at a height that prevents you from having to bend down?
  • Is a bench top on your list of requirements?
  • Did you want to go with a tiled splashback? What about glass or perspex?

Combined bathroom and laundry renovations

Do you own an older house with only one bathroom? Is your block too small to even begin to consider an extension? If that’s the case, then why not create a dual purpose space that serves as a bathroom as well as a laundry! These laundry room renovation projects are more common in established suburbs such as Wembley and can be a very good use of space.

Q: Where can I get a professional and affordable solution for laundry room renovation?

The answer is Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas. We work in partnership with Jewelbic Building & Jewelbic Electrical to offer Perth residents a comprehensive renovation service. We carry out first class laundry renovations Perth locals can be proud to show off to family and friends. Sure, a laundry typically involves hard work such as washing, folding and ironing, but why not ease the load with an aesthetically pleasing and functional space that makes the jobs more bearable!