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How to hire a plumber

How to Hire a Plumber: Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas

Plumbers are necessary for the construction of new dwellings and commercial buildings. Plumbing professionals, such as Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas, have the experience and know how when it comes to installing the pipework and water systems for these new builds. However, most people need a plumber for their existing plumbing systems, especially when something breaks. Unfortunately, malfunctions usually occur at the most inconvenient of times, which often results in an emergency call to a plumber. Costs for emergency work can be high, so there are several things to consider before hiring. We hope the advice below guides you on how to hire a plumber.

How to hire a plumber

Get multiple quotes

It is always wise to get multiple quotes for your plumbing job, but in an emergency situation, this may not be feasible. When seeking multiple bids, be sure to ask what the costs will be up front, including any after hours, emergency service or public holiday surcharges. Usually, plumbers charge by the hour, find out up front how the time is calculated and keep track of the time spent.

Discuss what you think needs to be done

Discuss what you think needs doing with the plumber. While you may not know the nuts and bolts of the technical work, discussing the job will help you familiarise yourself with the issues impacting your plumbing. Compare the diagnosis of each plumber, so you can be assured you are receiving accurate quotes. You’ll soon find out if a plumber is increasing the scope of work in hope of getting extra cash out of you. Go with your gut, if you feel comfortable with one professional and have confidence in their ability to get the job done, then you’re making in-roads on how to hire a plumber.

Only hire licensed professionals

To carry out water supply, sanitary or drainage plumbing work in WA, a person must hold either a plumbing contractors license issued by the Plumbers Licensing Board.

Hiring a handyman could be a mistake, you should only trust your home or business to a plumber that is licensed. Plumbers will list their PL number on their quotes and promotional materials.

If in doubt, an extract from the contractors register can be purchased from the Plumbers Licensing Board. To enquire call 1300 489 099. This is handy information on how to hire a plumber.

Insurance for your peace of mind

Make sure the plumber has insurance to cover you in the rare case that there is damage to your home caused by work performed. Make sure the fine print in their quote explains that they will take responsibility for any damage.

Have your plumber draw up a contract for larger jobs such as construction

If you want further peace of mind, have your plumber draw up a contract for your plumbing work. The contract should include the scope of works to be completed and a fixed price showing the estimated time, hourly rate and additional fees. For new construction plumbing Perth builders can rely on, Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas should be the first choice.

Take your time and carry out your due diligence for larger jobs

Hiring a plumber for new home or business facility construction allows you the ability to take time with the hiring process. If you’re not sure on how to hire a plumber, ask for the contact details of the plumber’s previous customers and check these references thoroughly. Ask for word-of-mouth referrals from trusted sources.

If it’s an emergency…

Then you probably cannot afford the time to check around before choosing a plumber. After all, if your home or business facility is being flooded, you don’t want to be phoning around for quotes. Our advice in this situation is that you choose a plumber that you have worked with in the past whose work you were pleased with, or opt for a very well known company in the area, such as Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas.

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