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I Want Hot Water Now!

Emergency Hot Water: Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas

We all take the convenience of hot water for granted. There’s no shock to the system like a burst of cold water in the middle of a shower on a wintry day! Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas perform emergency hot water fixes. You can rely on us so much to the point where we will restore your hot water on the same day or your labour is free!

I Want Hot Water Now! Emergency Hot Water Installation & Repairs

We can repair your existing hot water system, or maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Our expert team perform hot water system installation Perth families can rely on for quick turnaround!

We recommend instantaneous hot water systems

Some types of hot water systems provide instantaneous hot water when it is needed. These systems don’t store the water and in turn don’t burden you with the cost of keeping the hot water at the optimum temperature. This saves you money on gas, power or both, given that the heating mechanism isn’t intermittently firing up all day. As mentioned above, these hot water systems are known as ‘instantaneous’ hot water systems.

In an age where businesses and apps such as Amazon or Uber can have an order on your doorstep so very quickly, your hot water can be provided in an even quicker fashion, such is our instant gratification in today’s society! As a result, we highly recommend instantaneous hot water systems for emergency hot water installation!

How do instantaneous hot water systems work?

Instantaneous hot water systems do the job on the fly. As soon as you flick your mixer for a hot shower, cold water from your mains travels into the hot water system. The hot water is then instantly heated and transferred to your tub via plumbing pipes. It’s that simple. Instantaneous hot water systems run on gas or electricity or both. They are frequently used in new home builds and emergency hot water repairs for their energy and gas efficiency.

Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas: How does an instantaneous gas hot water system work?

However, there are some limitations. A single instantaneous hot water system may struggle to fill two tubs simultaneously, or allow you to run a bath and have shower at the same time. If you have a large family and there is likely to be high demand for hot water, you can always have multiple hot water systems installed. After all, your emergency hot water system installation should completely address your needs!

Are instantaneous hot water systems expensive?

Instantaneous hot water systems cost more to buy and install than storage systems. However, you’ll save money in the long run, given that spend 30 to 50 percent less on keeping it running, compared to a storage system. Instantaneous hot water systems last for 20 years, so you should more than recoup your purchase and installation costs!

Contact Us for Hot Water Installation and Repairs

For hot water restoration, look no further than Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas. We carry out hot water system installation Perth locals can turn to for quick and reliable service! Touch base with us today.