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5 Signs You Need Gas Plumbing Services

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While some Perth households use electricity for heating and cooking, the majority use natural gas instead. This has been the trend for a while now, especially when you consider the increasing price of electricity. If issues occur with your gas line or appliances, you’ll need to hire a qualified and licensed gas plumber Perth to carry out repairs. Remember, only a licensed gas fitter can help you with gas leak repairs and connections. Given the volatility and combustible nature of gas, a DIY approach is not recommended, and from a compliance perspective, is actually illegal. But how do you know when you need gas plumbing services? Here are five signs you need to call a gas fitter.

5 Signs You Need Gas Plumbing Services

  1. Inspect your gas connections coming from the meter, especially when they are working correctly. This way, you be able know when things are not right. If you notice wear and tear on the gas connection coming from the meter, this could be a sign of a gas leak. Contact Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas for expert gas plumbing services to assist you.
  2. If you notice dead vegetation in an area of your garden where it usually thrives, this could indicate issues with the underground gas supply. It’s best that you call in a gas plumber Perth locals can rely on, to investigate the root cause of your gas leak issue.
  3. Perhaps there’s a weak flame or no flame at all coming from your cook top burners? If so, this may also indicate a gas leak. Alternatively, if the flames coming from your cooker are red or orange instead of blue, this could indicate that your burners are dirty, or worse still, your regulator is not configured properly. As a direct result, there might be increased levels of carbon monoxide in your home, which is a risk to the health and safety of all occupants. Contact Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas today for expert gas plumbing services.
  4. If you are unable to turn off the gas, this means the emergency shut-off feature is broken. Oxidation (rust) may have caused the tap handle to lock in position. This situation requires the emergency services of a gas plumber Perth.
  5. Have you noticed a rotten egg odour inside or outside your home? An interesting fact is that natural gas does not have a smell. Rotten egg odour is added to gas as a safety measure, to alert you when there is a leak. If you can smell rotten eggs, contact Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas now for emergency assistance.

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There are many great benefits for using gas, but it does come with safety concerns. Make sure you’re hiring the services of a licensed professional gas fitter – contact Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas today.

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