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Is work required on your gas pipelines or appliance connections? If so, it is absolutely essential that you engage a licensed Perth gas plumber to ensure all work is done to code. Furthermore, the safety of your family is abundantly important. You might be tempted to engage the services of a cheaper provider who is not a licensed gas fitter, such as a handyman, but high standards of skill and professionalism are required to achieve satisfactory and compliant outcomes. If you’re unsure about the contractor you’ve hired, below are some points to help guide you.

Verify your contractor’s gas fitting license

When you are hiring a Perth gas plumber, verify their qualifications and licensing credentials. Not all plumbers are licensed gas fitters, and may only be qualified to work on water systems. Usually, you’ll be able to see a contractor’s gas fitting license number on their advertising collateral and branding, such as a capability statement brochure and vehicle markings. You’ll notice in the header of our website ‘GF – 15030’, this is our gas fitting license number which you can easily verify through Only a licensed gas fitter will possess an intimate knowledge of the latest methods and technology.

Check your contractor’s familiarity with the gas systems in your home

A Perth gas plumber should possess the knowledge and familiarity with the gas systems in your home that require attention. Ask your contractor about recent work they’ve done to fix leaking gas lines, install gas connections and commission gas appliances. Does your contractor use the latest equipment, such as gas leak detector spray to ensure your family’s safety? Does the contractor’s Google reviews show customer satisfaction and high standards with gas fitting tasks?

Always hire a Perth gas fitter for gas plumbing issues

Did you know that DIY gas fitting is illegal? A licensed Perth gas plumber should be hired to handle all gas related issues. A gas fitting license ensures your contractor is up-to-date with the many safety issues involved in working with gas. By engaging a professional and not carrying out DIY gas fitting, you’re protecting your family and your home. With a Perth gas plumber, you can rest assured knowing that every task is done to a high standard, is safe and compliant.

Contact Jewelbic, we’re a Perth gas plumber ready to assist you

The local market presents many options when it comes to gas plumbing, and while it does help to do your research, you do not need to look any further. Contact Jewelbic Plumbing & Gas immediately if you find yourself in an emergency situation, then evacuate your home. We treat gas leaks as a life-threatening emergency given the danger at play and will be on your doorstep as a matter of priority.