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Hot Water Repairs Perth

Hot Water System Repairs Perth

Is your hot water system broken? Or do you need to upgrade your hot water system to provide a steady stream of hot water? We promise to fix your hot water system by 6pm or our labour is free. Jewelbic are the experts in hot water repairs Perth locals can rely on in an emergency.

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Whether you need a replacement unit installed or require our technical knowledge to decide on what type of new system will work best for your home, we will get the job done.

Hot Water System Installation Perth

Which system is best for you? Electric or Gas, solar or heat pump.

Which heating method? This is the first decision when choosing your new HWS.

  • Usually relatively cheap to buy but is more expensive to run due to rising electricity prices, especially if set to run on continuous rate.
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors.
  • Natural gas is a good option as it is cheaper than electricity but please check you have a gas connection available.
  • Usually installed outdoors due to venting requirements.
  • Energy efficient star rating.

Hot water repairs Perth homeowners and businesses can turn to in an emergency.

  • Consists of solar panels and a storage tank.
  • Panels need to be installed in an ideal location for absorbing sunlight.
  • The storage tank uses electricity or gas to keep the water hot.
  • More expensive to install but given the right location will be cost-effective
  • Take advantage of the government’s solar rebate.
  • A more efficient form of electric storage tank system.
  • Must be installed in a well ventilated area outdoors.
  • Can be noisy and work best in warm to temperate regions.

The next decision is to decide whether to install a tank or a unit that heats water as it is needed.

  • Most electric, gas, solar and heat pumps use a tank.
  • Your choice of tank steel quality depends on your location and how much you want to invest.
  • Stainless steel is usually more expensive but will last longer.

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  • These systems only heat as much water as you need, when you need it.
  • Most models use gas.
  • No heat loss and often cheaper to run than storage systems.

The final step is choosing a brand. We can recommend a brand based on your decisions above.

Contact us for hot water system installation Perth.

Hot Water System Perth

We can repair your existing hot water system if a new unit isn’t needed. We will evaluate the condition of your system upon arrival and create a repair plan, based on your needs.

Jewelbic are the experts in hot water repairs Perth families can rely on in an emergency.

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